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    Equestrian Building Project

    Equestrian Fencing & Timber Ltd offer a range of equestrian buildings, all built to your specification. Our stables and field shelters can be built to standard sizes, or can be built to your requirement. A traditional fixed base stable block is available in any layout you desire- you will need a concrete base for the stable to sit on, and also a single course of bricks laid to fix the stable in place.

    We also construct a range on mobile buildings, including field shelters and combination units, available in single or double. In addition to your building, you can also include feed, tack and hay stores giving you flexibility on your layout and usage.

    • Options available for your building
    • Ridges & Eaves Height
    • Framework Size
    • Quantity of windows and doors
    • Cladding, Membrane and Insulation
    • Guttering & Downpipes
    • Flooring & Internal Walls
    • Roof Style
    • Overhang & Support Posts
    • Attached Log Store etc

    For more information about any buildings we offer, and for a full quote on your requirement, please use our Contact Page