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  • Machined Cladding


    At Equestrian Fencing & Timber Ltd, we keep standard cladding sections in stock, ready for immediate collection. These are in various timber species and in a wide range of profiles.

    Treated Softwood

    TGV 15x110mm

    TGV 20x135mm

    TGV 25x135mm

    Loglap 20x110mm

    Shiplap 15x110mm

    Shiplap 20x135mm

    Waney Edge 25x225mm

    Featheredge 200mm

    Western Red Cedar

    ShadowGap 18x135mm

    PAR  Battens 19x43mm

    UK Grown Cedar

    Featheredge 200mm

    Featheredge 150mm

    UK Grown Douglas Fir

    Featheredge 200mm

    Green Oak (French)

    Featheredge 200mm

    West African Iroko

    TGV 18x100mm

    Siberian Larch

    Featheredge 200mm

    TGV 18x135mm
    TGV 18x185mm

    We can also machine bespoke cladding to order, so if you were after a particular profile then we can get this arranged for you. At the point of order, we will arrange a technical drawing for you to sign off on prior to machining, to ensure you are happy with the profile machined. This can be done in any of the timber listed above, or even in other hardwoods or softwoods, including Meranti, Idigbo, Kiln Dried Oak, American Oak & Black Walnut.