Heavy Reversible Hinges

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Heavy Reversible Hinges

Galvanised 12″ (Order Code 5093001)
Galvanised 14″ (Order Code 5093501)
Galvanised 16″ (Order Code 5094001)
Galvanised 18″ (Order Code 5094501)
Galvanised 20″ (Order Code 5095001)
Galvanised 24″ (Order Code 5096001)
Galvanised 30″ (Order Code 5097501)
Galvanised 36″ (Order Code 5099001)

Epoxy Black 12″ (Order Code 5093003)
Epoxy Black 14″ (Order Code 5093503)
Epoxy Black 16″ (Order Code 5094003)
Epoxy Black 18″ (Order Code 5094503)
Epoxy Black 20″ (Order Code 5095003)
Epoxy Black 24″ (Order Code 5096003)
Epoxy Black 30″ (Order Code 5097503)
Epoxy Black 36″ (Order Code 5099003)

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We aim to make delivery on all stock products within 3-5 working days, but sometimes we may be waiting on materials to arrive. In any instance where delivery cannot be completed within 5 working days, we will make contact with you to let you know an anticipated delivery date of your order, or to discuss alternative options. Please see our Delivery page for more information.

We aim to make all Bespoke Gates within 2-3 weeks, and all Green Oak and Douglas Fir orders within the same 2-3 week lead time.  All buildings and contracting work will be undertaken under a bespoke, pre-agreed lead time at point of order. We will however aim to complete all orders ahead of schedule where possible.

Please note that being a natural product, timber may show variation of grain, colour and other inherent distinguishing features. For more information of grades and species of timber supplied, please contact us prior to placing your order.

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Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 12" (Order Code 5093001), Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 14" (Order Code 5093501), Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 16" (Order Code 5094001), Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 18" (Order Code 5094501), Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 20" (Order Code 5095001), Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 24" (Order Code 5096001), Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 30" (Order Code 5097501), Heavy Reversible Hinges Galvanised 36" (Order Code 5099001), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 12" (Order Code 5093003), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 14" (Order Code 5093503), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 16" (Order Code 5094003), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 18" (Order Code 5094503), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 20" (Order Code 5095003), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 24" (Order Code 5096003), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 30" (Order Code 5097503), Heavy Reversible Hinges Epoxy Black 36" (Order Code 5099003)


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