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10 Winter DIY Ideas

Winter is here and there’s no denying it. But, if you’re someone who likes to keep busy with gardening and DIY jobs, the cooler weather and rain may be putting a bit of a dampener on your plans.

But fear not, the winter is actually a brilliant time to focus attention on jobs that can prepare you for the spring! For all you DIY lovers, we’ve got some excellent winter DIY ideas to keep you occupied until the spring!

Here are the top 10 DIY jobs that will keep you busy and see you through the winter

1. Re-insulate your loft

insulating a loft
During the colder spells, the heating gets cranked up that bit more. But did you know that insulation could significantly help you to save costs on heating bills?

Inadequate insulation is often responsible for leaking heat out of a home. If you’re feeling the cold, it may be worth jumping into your loft and checking out the insulation state of play.

If you have bare patches, outdated insulation or thin patches, winter really is a great time to reinsulate your loft.

Recticel Eurothane GP Rigid Insulation Boards are a great option and can be easily installed. Choose from a range of thicknesses to meet your insulation needs and budget.

2. Board out the loft

Whilst you’re up there, you could also board out your loft, if it hasn’t already been done. Boarding out your loft is a great way to maximise your storage capacity. What’s more, it can also help to further insulate your loft.

Loft boarding is a fantastic winter project. Typically, in the summer, loft spaces can become very warm which doesn’t make for a particularly comfortable boarding out experience. During the winter months, your loft should be much cooler and therefore far more comfortable to work in.

On the search for P5 flooring need to board your loft out? Shop here.

3. Declutter the garage or shed

shed organisation
How’s your garage or shed looking? Let’s be honest, most of us have a room or space within our property that just becomes a bit of a dumping ground, and quite often, the garage or shed is usually the prime dumping spot!

Maybe you’ve got lots of old garden furniture that is taking up too much space, or perhaps all of your tools are in a disorganised mess? Now is the time to tackle the clutter head-on!

You could build a rack or shelving unit to organise garden tools, screws, nails and other DIY essentials, using a range of timbers and sheet materials.

If you have a loft space in your garage, you could board that out, too. Or if you have sports equipment, such as bikes, kayaks and paddle boards, you could build a storage rack to provide them with a safe space to live that keeps them out of the way when not in use.

It’s amazing what a big difference a little reorganisation can make!

4. Install a shed

Running out of room in the garage? Why not consider installing a shed?

These handy garden storage spaces are ideal for storing and organising a wide range of garden tools, pots, plants, toys, furniture and essentials.

Sheds are available in a range of sizes, so whether your garden is small or capacious, you’re sure to find something that works for your space.

And, if you’re concerned about storing high ticket price belongings, such as bikes or ski equipment, then a security shed is a superb design, created to keep pesky thieves out and your belongings in.

5. Build a compost heap

Throughout the winter, many of us eat lots of veggies that require peeling and chopping up.

Rather than throwing away the carrot, spud and swede peelings, why not recycle them and prepare some compost for the spring?

To do that, you’ll need a composter. Yes, you could go and buy one, but if you’re looking for winter DIY jobs, this is a perfect way to keep yourself busy on a rainy winter afternoon.

All you’ll need is some sawn timber, some wire netting and screws or nails and voila, you have yourself a compost heap!

6. Tackle those small repairs

Over the summer and autumn, you may have noticed a small amount of damage to a deck, perhaps a wonky screw on a fence or a broken cladding board.

Now is a great time to get these little odd job repairs done before the winter makes the damage worse.

Check the decking, fencing, and pathways for any damage, and replace or repair any garden features that are looking tatty or unsafe.

7. Clear and replace your gutters

Once all the leaves have dropped during the autumn, gutters can become very blocked. This can lead to serious problems, like leaks and damp walls.

Winter is a great time to clear them out and replace any broken guttering or damaged roofs on sheds or garages.

This will help prevent any accidents during the winter time that can lead to nasty financial surprises in the future.

8. Prep your raised beds for spring

raised sleeper beds

Whilst the winter may not seem like the time to think about prepping raised beds, it is in fact, the perfect time to get these beds ready for growing season.

Add compost, organic matter, and manure to the soil, and cover with mulch to protect from the frost.

And, if you haven’t installed raised beds yet, and fancy getting out into the garden on a dry day, then why not use the wintertime to build some raised sleeper beds so that you’re ready to go with your planting come spring?

9. Start a garden room project

Considering installing a garden room? Why not start the planning now?

Whether you’re in need of extra space for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of home life or are looking for the perfect spot to work from or start a new business, a garden room is a great way to achieve the additional space you need without having to move.

Start thinking about where you will put your garden room, consider clearing a space in your garden and mark out where your build will start.

You can also think about the measurements and materials you need. From structural timber and ply to insulation and roofing sheets, if you’ve got some spare storage space in a shed or garage, why not start working through your material shopping list so that you’re ready to start your build in the spring to have your garden room ready for the summer?

10. Upcycle some furniture

For many, this is a great hobby.

Whether you love buying old things and giving them a new lease of life before selling them on or prefer to decorate your home with upcycled goodies, revamping old furniture items is a super winter DIY project.

We stock a range of stains and treatments ideal for indoor woodwork including Osmo Top Oil and PlyX R – Oil as well as a range of screws and timbers needed to revive even the oldest and most damaged of furniture pieces.

Stock up on winter DIY essentials now!

Don’t let the winter blues get you down! With these top 10 DIY jobs, you can keep yourself busy and improve your home and garden at the same time. From decluttering the garage to building raised sleepers, these projects will have you feeling accomplished and ready for spring in no time.

So, grab your tool kit and check out our range of materials perfect for working through your winter DIY to-do list.

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