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Home Garden & Landscaping Sleepers Reclaimed Hardwood Sleepers
Reclaimed Hardwood Sleepers
  • made from Azobé hardwood timber
  • size: 250x150mm
  • length: 2.6m
  • untreated

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Our azobé reclaimed sleepers are a sustainable and durable option for landscaping projects. These sleepers are made from azobé wood, which is a type of tropical hardwood known for its strength and resistance to rot and decay. The wood is sourced from old rail tracks, making it an eco-friendly choice as it is recycled and repurposed. The sleepers are perfect for use in raised garden beds, retaining walls, and other outdoor structures. They have a rustic, weathered appearance that adds character and charm to any garden or outdoor space. With proper care, azobé reclaimed sleepers can last for many years, making them a long-lasting investment for your home or business.



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