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Douglas Fir Cladding

Douglas Fir Cladding

Looking for timber cladding that looks great for years to come? Due to its beautifully warm and natural finish, Douglas Fir is a popular choice for a variety of external cladding projects. Whether you are looking to create a natural garage exterior or enhance the exterior of a building with a rustic wood effect, Douglas Fir is a great allrounder.

Strong and durable

As a softwood that has both strong and durable properties, it demonstrates great resistant to a variety of weather condition. Its hardwearing nature means that your external cladding can maintain a fresh and traditional look all year round.

Over time, you should expect this timber cladding to change it’s tones and colours towards a natural rustic grey that blends in perfectly with the natural environment. For the perfect finish, overlap each board by around 25 – 30%.

Take a look and shop online for Douglas Fir cladding or visit or timber centre in Southampton. 

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