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Arches, Arbours and Planters

Arches, arbours and planters are a great way of creating beautiful floral areas around your garden.


Here at Equestrian Fencing, we stock a range of wooden arbours that are guaranteed to look effortlessly sophisticated in any garden.

Wooden seated arbours are perfect if you are looking to create a snug spot in the garden where you can relax and enjoy a spot of sunshine during the summer months. They look great either left or used as a support for climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis, pyracantha and wisteria. This creates an effortlessly beautiful focal point in your garden.


Much like arbours, arches enable you to display a beautiful selection of climbing garden plants as a decorative feature of your garden.

You may choose to put several of our arches in a row with a selection of climbing plants to create a stunning tunnelled garden walkway. Additionally, they are a great way of adding depth to your garden space or separating one section of the garden from another.

All of our arches are made from high-quality timber creating a robust structure with a natural finish. Our selection of wooden garden arches come in a range of styles and shapes including omega top arches, rustic arches and rose arches. Browse of selection to find the perfect wooden arch for your garden.


Our range of pressure treated timber planters are perfect for growing a variety of plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables either within a garden or greenhouse.

They are hardwearing and built to last throughout many seasons whilst natural in appearance to compliment your garden area. All planters are lined, making soil replacement eraser and cleaner.

We stock square, rectangular and hexagonal planters as well as planters with trellis, ideal for a range of climbing plants.

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