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Field Gate Fittings

We understand that field gates come in all shapes and sizes and are incorporated as an access point for a range of different uses. Here at Equestrian Fencing, we supply a wide selection of GATEMATEⓇ field gate furniture, ensuring that your gate features all of the fixings it needs to provide effective and efficient use.

Field gate hooks, bolts and bottom fittings

Trust in our hardwearing and long-lasting galvanised and epoxy black field gate hooks and bolts. Shop from a selection of field gate hook on plates, including narrow plates in addition to hanger bolts and adjustable fittings.

Field gate catches and throwover loops

For many, particularly those whose fields or barns house livestock or horses, it is essential that a gate system incorporates a hardwearing and reliable securing system. We stock a wide range of heavy-duty GATEMATEⓇ catch kits, which include the fittings required.

Adjustable hinge sets

Find everything that you will need to fix an adjustable hinge to your wooden field gate with one of our GATEMATEⓇ Adjustable Hinges Sets. Choose from a selection of sizes that meet your requirements.


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