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Privacy Lattice Trellis

At a glance:

  • 20mm lattice gaps
  • Ideal for climbing plants, fence top and for screening areas of the garden 
  • Available in concave, convex, rectangular or omega finish

£19.20inc. VAT£16.00ex. VAT

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Our privacy trellis is ideal if you are looking to create a decorative, yet private fence. It can be used to grow climbing plants or as a decorative finish to the top of a fence. This style of trellis has smaller lattice gaps of only 20mm, in comparison to a our stand lattice trellis which has gaps of the 40mm. 

Each trellis has planed all-round edging with rounded corners, giving a clean and pristine finish. Choose between a wide selection of sizes and shapes, including omega, convex and rectangular. 

Measurement for shoulder heights x width:

+/-110mm for Arch / Concave measurements

+/-200mm for DT14 & DT15

Framing- 30x30mm

Framing- 45x45mm (DT13/DT15/DT15)

Lattice Width – 20mm

Lattice Thickness – 8mm

Lattice gaps from inside edges – 40mm

Choose from the following privacy trellis lattice sizes:

  • 1830x300mm Convex (Order code PL1)
  • 1830x300mm Omega (Order code PL21)
  • 1830x450mm Convex (Order code PL3)
  • 1830x300mm Rectangle (Order code PL7)
  • 1830x450mm Rectangle (Order code PL8)
  • 1830x600mm Rectangle (Order code PL9)
  • 1830x900mm Rectangle (Order code PL10)
  • 1830x1200mm Rectangle (Order code PL11)
  • 1830x1500mm Rectangle (Order Code PL12)
  • 1830x1800mm Rectangle (Order code PL13)

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