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Structural Carcassing Timber

Structural Carcassing Timber

Looking for structural carcassing timber for your next building or landscaping project?

What is structural carcassing timber?

Structural carcassing timber is a resilient timber that is used for a range of internal structural applications such as roof rafters, floor joists, timber framings and stud walls. Although this timber will is generally positioned where it cannot be seen, it is essential that it is structurally durable and hardwearing.

When sourcing timber for your next structural project, we take great measures to ensure that we only supply sustainable timber, with the majority of our stock arriving from FSC and PEFC certified suppliers.

Shop online for structural carcassing timber

Finding the right carscassing timber for the job is essential. Here at Equestrian Fencing, we stock three varieties of carcassing timber in various lengths and section sizes so that you can find the right timber for your project.  Shop online for C16, C24 and CLS timber.

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