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Concrete Slotted Post

At a glance:

  • Available as posts, corner posts or end posts
  • A great alternative to wooden posts
  • Long-lasting and resilient
  • Provides an easy platform for fitting fence panels


Looking for an alternative to concrete posts that will still be long lasting? Check out our DURAPOST range of fence posts….

Post Mix / Postmix

At a glance:

  •       Rapid set post concrete
  •       Suitable for timber and metal posts
  •       Sets in 10 minutes
  •       No mixing required
  •       20kg bag
  •       packaging/brand may vary

£23.04inc. VAT£19.20ex. VAT

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Post Mix / Postmix


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We stock a selection of intermediate concrete slotted posts in a variety of lengths, in addition to slotted corner posts and end posts.

If you are looking to create a strong and secure fence for your home or commercial space, it is important to source the right materials that will provide long-lasting reliance. Concrete slotted posts can be a great alternative to wooden posts as it is resistant to rot from water damage and insect damage. Additionally, they can withstand high winds due to their strength, and therefore do not need to be replaced or maintained very often.

Concrete slotted fence posts do exactly what they say on the tin. They work by providing an easy installation process. Simply slide fence panels between the slots of the post that have been placed at an appropriate distance apart. This process does not require fixings and wooden fence panels can be easily replaced should they become damaged.


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