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Galvanised Water Trough

At a glance:

  • Water trough
  • Suitable for fields with cattle and horses
  • A range of sizes available
  • Service box available

£140.00inc. VAT£116.67ex. VAT

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Our range of IAE water troughs is available in a selection of sizes and capacities. These water troughs create the ideal drinking spot for horses, ponies and livestock lining in a field or paddock. Their galvanised finish means that they are hardwearing and durable. Each tough includes a plug and bung as standard.

Choose from the following water trough sizes:

900mm (3’0″) long 163ltr (36 gals) capacity
1200mm (4’0″) long 218ltr (48 gals) capacity
1800mm (6’0″) long 327 ltr (72 gals) capacity
2400mm (8’0″) long 436ltr (96 gals) capacity

We also stock service boxes. Each has tapered sides to prevent ball valve drop out, a string design and is compliant with water supply regulations.

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