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Twinwall Pipe

At a glance:

  • Unperforated twin wall pipe
  • Pipe, coupler, ring seal and twinwall bend available
  • Choose from a selection of sizes

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Unperforated twinwall is a strong pipe with a ribbed outer wall. Usually used in stormwater applications under paths, roads, railways, commercial and agricultural installations, the ribs in the outer wall give the pipe excellent compressive strength, enabling it to withstand large forces of pressure.

A range of bends, junctions and couplers are available for each pipe size. Seals should always be used in conjunction with these fittings when using twinwall drainage in for stormwater applications.

Choose from the following sizes:

150mm Twinwall Pipe
225mm Twinwall Pipe
300mm Twinwall Pipe
375mm Twinwall Pipe

150mm Twinwall Coupler
225mm Twinwall Coupler
300mm Twinwall Coupler
375mm Twinwall Coupler

150mm Twinwall Ring Seal
225mm Twinwall Ring Seal
300mm Twinwall Ring Seal
375mm Twinwall Ring Seal

150mm 15° Twinwall Bend
150mm 30° Twinwall Bend
150mm 45° Twinwall Bend
225mm 15° Twinwall Bend
225mm 30° Twinwall Bend
300mm 15° Twinwall Bend
300mm 30° Twinwall Bend

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