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Bespoke field shelters and stables

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Built to your specifications


If you can’t find a field shelter or stable building which meets your requirements, you can use the form below to let us know exactly what you require. One of our team of experts will get in touch with you to discuss all the options available, but please provide as much information as you can.


If this is part of an ongoing project, or you’ve had plans drawn up already, you can upload the specifics so we can provide you an accurate quote. Our specialists can provide the building for self-assembly, or we can deliver and assemble for you on site at a reasonable cost.


Make the most of our years of expertise, and let us help you get the very most from your new field shelter or stable.

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    Please use this form to let us know what sort of shelter or stable you require. One of our team will review your requirements and get in touch with a bespoke quotation.

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    Do you require guttering?

    Do you require us to install the building?

    What extras do you require?

    Any other comments?

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