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Guide: How to prep post mix

Regardless of whether you’re installing a fence using timber fence posts, concrete posts or Duraposts, one key material needed is post mix.

What is post mix?

lattice trellis top fence
Post mix acts as the glue. It anchors your fence posts to the ground, ensuring that your fence remains stable and strong.

Post mix is poured into the post holes, and dries as a solid to create a strong fence base.

What is the difference between post mix and concrete?

Concrete is a material widely used in the construction and landscaping industry. It is made up of cement, rock, sand, gravel and water, which have to be mixed together in the correct ratios to create the consistency and quantity required for the relevant application.

Compared to mixing your own concrete, post mix provides an easy and affordable way to set posts into the ground.

That’s because post mix, or postcrete, is already pre-mixed for you, meaning that you don’t have to faff around mixing your own or fork out on the extra costs associated with buying the tools and materials needed to mix the concrete for your fencing project.

What’s more, post-mixes are specifically formulated to work with timber, concrete and metal fence posts.

On top of this, many post mixes, such as Fence Mate Post Concrete, are designed to set rapidly, only taking 5-10 minutes to set when used on a dry and mild day.

However, traditional concrete can take anywhere between 24 hours and 7 days to fully set. You can expect postcrete to fully harden within just a few hours.

What other things can post mix be used for?

You may be wondering what else this fantastic, rapid-set concrete could be used for.

Asides from fencing, you can use post mix to fix small garden gate posts, secure decking posts, put up washing lines and stabilise decorative sleepers in the ground.

It’s really important to remember that you shouldn’t use post mix for structural concreting, or as a screed or mortar.

The benefits of Fence Mate Post Concrete:

fence mate post concrete

We stock Fence Mate Post Concrete for three reasons:

1. All it requires is a super easy, simple-to-use two-step process to mix, making it the preferred choice for both DIYers and professional landscapers

2. It comes packaged in showerproof and recyclable plastic bags meaning it’s an easy-to-store product that is more environmentally friendly

3. It comes in 20kg bag, the perfect size if you only have a few fence posts that need fixing or replacing

How to use post-mix concrete:


Start by digging your post holes


Fill half the hole with water


Put the fence post in the hole


Pour in the dry fence post mix


Add more water if any of the dry mix is still visible


Use a stirring stick to mix out any air bubbles


Adjust your fence post accordingly using a spirit level


Allow the post mix to set

Things to remember when using post mix:

Our top tips for using post mix:

Be prepared
Ensure you have the right number of bags ready. Using too little may impact the stability of your fence.

Always read the packaging
Different post-mix brands will advise different usage guidelines. Always have a look at the back of the packaging before you start.

Storage of post mix
Remember to keep the packaging sealed until you need to use the post mix. Store it away in a dry space, out of direct sunlight and away from children and animals.

It may be a messy job
It goes without saying, but don’t put your best jeans on when using post mix. It could stain and damage clothing.

There’s no need for buckets
Don’t bother wasting money on buckets. When done carefully, post mix can be mixed with water when in the ground. If you mix the post mix in a bucket before you’ve had a chance to dig the post holes, it will set and you’ll waste a lot of post mix!

Take advantage of the wiggle room
Whilst post mix sets quickly, it takes a few hours to completely stabilise. So, once you’ve added your fence posts, there’s plenty of time to grab a spirit level and ensure that your fence posts are positioned exactly how you want them.

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