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  • The benefits of creosote fencing 

    Creosote acts as a fantastic preservative for any timber that is exposed to the natural elements. Here at Equestrian Fencing, we stock everything that you will need to assemble a creosote fence, without having to soak the fence your self.

    Our creosote fencing rails, square pointed posts and peeled posts have been treated with creosote to give them a long-lasting finish. The creosote forms a waterproof layer which is important in preventing exposure to fungi and insects, in addition to enhancing the longevity of the timber it’s self.

    On treatment, the wood appears a deep, dark brown, however, you should expect that in time, natural sunlight will lighten the tones in the wood. The creosote plays and role in significantly reducing weather damage on the timber surface.

    Find everything that you will need for your next creosote fence project. 

    Shop online for creosote fencing rails and post. If you are unable to find the sizes and lengths that you require, be sure to get in touch to find out about our bespoke services.

    Creosote treated fence rails

    Our creosote fencing range

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