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  • UC4 morticed wooden posts

    In need of sawn wooden posts for a fence or gate project?

    Morticed wooden posts are a great alternative if you don’t want to use concrete posts to install or repair a fence.

    Within this range, the timber has been UC4 treated, a process which involves deep penetration of preservatives to extend the timber’s longevity. This is particularly important if your posts are going to be in contact with the ground, where moisture and insects could make the timber vulnerable to rot and decay if untreated.

    Each post is morticed, which means it has rectangular cavities which can be used to form joins. We stock three varieties of morticed posts, ensuring that you can complete your fencing installation with all of the correct and required timber posts needed.

    Morticed posts

    Our UC4 morticed wooden posts range

    Our morticed wooden wallplates enable you to attach your fence to both brickwork, or an existing fence. These are available in dimensions of 4” x 2”. For corners, you will find that our UC4 wooden corner morticed posts will do the trick. These are available in a selection of lengths, from 6’ up to 10’. We also stock intermediate UC4 wooden morticed posts, available in sizes 5’ up to 12’.

    Find out about or bespoke timber service

    As will a range of our timber products if it is a specific size that you are looking for that is not available from our range, get in contact with us to find out about our bespoke service.

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