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European Oak Cladding

We source and stock two fantastic varieties of European Oak cladding that provide a beautiful finish for any building or garage. Both varieties provide a strong and durable finish, whilst complimenting any natural outside environment.

Tounge and groove cladding

For a super smooth and light finish, check out our European Oak TGV cladding. This high-quality timber has been sourced from Europe, before being kiln dried to add extra durability. Its sleek and contemporary finish is long-lasting. Over time, the timber will weather naturally and silver and grey tones will appear for an attractive, natural look.

Feather edge cladding

Light in appearance, Green Oak Featheredge cladding provides that stunning natural and rustic appearance. In addition to being durable, resistant and looking fantastic all year round, this is a great choice if you are searching for timber cladding that is environmentally friendly.

Take a look and shop online for European Oak cladding or visit or timber centre in Southampton. 

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