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Yellow Balau Decking

At a glance:

  • Hardwood Yellow Balau Decking
  • Depth – 21mm Width – 145mm
  • High density
  • Attractive yellow, brown and red tones, turning grey when left untreated
  • Highly durable and hardwearing
  • Both smooth and grooved finished available
  • Fix with 60mm stainless steel trim head screws


Spax Wirox Deckscrews

At a glance:

  • Application: Wooden decks in the outside area
  • The fixing thread fixes the top board
  • Minimises creaking of floor structure
  • The small cylinder head pulls flush into the wood and provides the perfect appearance
  • 250 screws per box
  • T 20

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Spax Wirox Deckscrews


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Hardwood Yellow Balau Decking sourced from Southeast Asia. Its stunning yellow, brown and red tones and smooth finish makes this one of the most popular choices of decking in the UK. When left untreated, Yellow Balau will change in colour to a silver-grey if left untreated. Its interlocking grain gives the decking a smooth and even texture.

This is one of the most durable timbers available on the market and requires little upkeep. It has been dried appropriately for the outside environment, which helps to ensure its longevity and stability. Hardwood Yellow Balau Decking is very dense and hardwearing, making it a suitable choice for both domestic and commercial purposes where there may be a high flow of foot traffic. Fix with stainless steel screws with a 60mm trim head.

Boards are packed ‘sticked’ to aid in the drying process and to keep the bundles safe during transportation-  these can sometimes leave marks across the boards which are not regarded as a defect. Be aware of small holes referred to as “pin holes”- when freshly felled, the logs are commonly attacked by the Pinhole Borer Beetle. This is a unique characteristic of Balau and does not affect the strength of the boards.

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