Diamond Lattice Trellis


Diamond Lattice Trellis

Diamond lattice trellis, ideal for using as a decorative top on fence panels, or for growing climbing plants. They are planed smooth and are a smart feature within the garden.

Available in the below sizes

1830x300mm Convex (Order code DT1)
1830x270mm Concave (Order code DT2)
1830x300mm Omega (Order code DT21)
1830x450mm Convex (Order code DT3)
1830x600mm Convex (Order code DT5)
1830x300mm Rectangle (Order code DT7)
1830x450mm Rectangle (Order code DT8)
1830x600mm Rectangle (Order code DT9)
1830x900mm Rectangle (Order code DT10)
1830x1200mm Rectangle (Order code DT11)
1830x1500mm Rectangle (Order Code DT12)
1830x1800mm Rectangle (Order code DT13)
1830x1600mm Convex (Order Code DT14)
1830x1570mm Concave (Order code DT15)
450x450mm Corner (Order code DT20)

Measurement for shoulder heights x width.

+/-110mm for Arch / Concave measurements
+/-200mm for DT14 & DT15

Planed all round with rounded corners.
Framing- 30x30mm
Framing- 45x45mm (DT13/DT15/DT15)
Lattice Width – 20mm
Lattice Thickness – 8mm
Lattice gaps from inside edges – 40mm

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Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x300mm Convex (Order code DT1), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x270mm Concave (Order code DT2), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x300mm Omega (Order code DT21), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x450mm Convex (Order code DT3), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x600mm Convex (Order code DT5), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x300mm Rectangle (Order code DT7), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x450mm Rectangle (Order code DT8), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x600mm Rectangle (Order code DT9), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x900mm Rectangle (Order code DT10), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x1200mm Rectangle (Order code DT11), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x1500mm Rectangle (Order Code DT12), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x1800mm Rectangle (Order code DT13), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x1600mm Convex (Order Code DT14), Diamond Lattice Trellis 1830x1570mm Concave (Order code DT15), Diamond Lattice Trellis 450x450mm Corner (Order code DT20)


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