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Galvanised Metal Field Gates

At a glance:

  • Galvanised field gate
  • Ideal for farm and agricultural land
  • Choose from 7 bar gate or half mesh gate
  • 3’9” (1.143m) high
  • Available in a range of widths (3’ up to 15’)
  • Galvanised for resistance against weathering

Post Mix / Postmix

At a glance:

  •       Rapid set post concrete
  •       Suitable for timber and metal posts
  •       Sets in 10 minutes
  •       No mixing required
  •       20kg bag
  •       packaging/brand may vary

£90.52inc. VAT£75.43ex. VAT

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Post Mix / Postmix


£6.49 £5.41
inc. VAT
ex. VAT

Galvanised field gate ideal for a great range of applications.

7 bar galvanised gate

Our 7 bar galvanised field gates are a popular choice amongst those with agricultural land looking for a farm gate or metal gates for a horse paddock, riding school, barn or grazing field containing livestock.

Mesh bottom galvanised gate

Our galvanised half mesh field gates are ideal for those keeping smaller animals and livestock in a field or paddock.


All of our galvanised field gates are 3’9” (1.143m) in height. Choose from a wide range of field gate width sizes including 3’ and 4’ field gates ideal for footpaths and narrower field entrances, as well 14’ and 15’-wide-field gates, ideal for paddocks and livestock grazing areas.

Each component of the field gate has been galvanised with a zinc coating, protecting the steel from corrosion caused by exposure to the natural elements. This helps to ensure that your gate maintains its quality and use for years to come.

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