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Stock Wire HT13/190/30

At a glance:

  • High tensile stock fencing
  • 13 line wires
  • 30cm distance between verticals
  • 100m rolls
  • 190cm in height
  • Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5

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Uniwire HT13/190/30 is a popular choice for deer fences. With a height of 190cm, which includes 13 lines wires, this fence is designed to be a strong barrier against all species of deer found in the UK. This is also a popular choice of security fencing due to the height of the fence and robust design.

Manufactured to BS EN 10223-5, the high tensile design makes it especially robust when it comes to handling a large amount of pressure as it will be able to withstand much more. This also means that it requires less intermediate posts and therefore saves on set up time, making it a great cost-effective solution for both temporary and permanent fencing.

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