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Stock Wire HT6/83/22

At a glance:

  • High tensile stock fencing
  • 6 line wires
  • 22cm distance between verticals
  • 100m rolls
  • 83cm in height
  • 41.29kg weight

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HT6/83/22 Pheasant-Friendly fence. It is designed in conjunction with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, allowing game birds access through the fence whilst restricting the entry of sheep and cattle.

This style of stock fencing requires fewer intermediate posts due to its high tensile wires which strain tighter than mild steel. It is quick and easy to erect, does not stretch when weathered and does not require annual retightening. The fence features a hinge joint, which is a traditional and cost-effective feature that enables the netting to be cranked for use in special applications. This heavily galvanised steel wire is compliant with British and European standards and is 100% recyclable.

HT6/83/22 is available in 100m rolls and weighs 41.29kg. It has an overall height of 83cm and features 6 line wires, with a distance of 22cm between stay wires.

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