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Stock Wire HT8/80/15

At a glance:

  • High tensile stock fencing
  • 8 line wires
  • 15cm distance between verticals
  • 100m roll
  • 80cm in height
  • 59.79kg weight

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HT8/80/15 is a widely used high tensile stock fencing that is suitable for a range of applications. Made from heavily galvanised high tensile steel wire that can be strained tighter than mild steel, fewer intermediate posts are required when fitting. This hardwearing stock fencing does not stretch with weathering, reducing the need to retighten.

The steel used in the stock fencing is manufactured to comply with British and European standards. It is available in 100m rolls and weighs 59.79kg. H8/80/15 features 8 line wires, with 15cm distance between stay wires, and has a height of 80cm.

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