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Home Garden & Landscaping Landscaping Steels (Universal Columns)
Landscaping Steels (Universal Columns)

At a glance:

  • Steel columns used for Landscaping & Steel projects
  • Supplied in grade S355
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • These are self colour (non-painted)

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Steel sections are the large rolled steel beam, steel columns and steel channels that are used in building projects.

For this type of ‘open’ steel section, although the grades are standardised across Europe, the sizes are not. In the UK, sections are generally produced according to BS 4-1:1993, which converts imperial sizes to metric (26″ becomes 914mm), whereas on the continent the dimensions are truly metric.

In the UK, we use the terms UB (Universal Beams) and UC (Universal Columns) whereas continental beams are I Sections (IPE, etc) and columns are H Sections (HEA, etc).

The most commonly used grades are S275 and S355. The grade designation represents the nominal yield strength for structural steels. Low temperature impact testing can be carried out at your designated test temperature i.e. -20°C, -30°C,-50°C.

We supply these steel sections and steel channels in various grades, thicknesses and lengths. Non-stock steel lengths are available on request.


Measurements from diagram


d 152.4 Depth d mm b 152.4 Width b mm
s 6.1 Web s mm t 6.8 Flange t mm
r 7.6 Root Radius r mm f 123.6 Depth Between Fillets f mm
23 Kg/m 44 Approx. Metres Per Tonne
29.2 Area of Section cm² 0.889 Surface Area Per Metre m²
38.7 Surface Area Per Tonne m² 0.005 Surface Area Two End Faces m²


d 177.8 Depth d mm b 101.6 Width b mm
s 4.7 Web s mm t 7.9 Flange t mm
r 7.6 Root Radius r mm f 146.8 Depth Between Fillets f mm
19 Kg/m 53 Approx. Metres Per Tonne
24.3 Area of Section cm² 0.738 Surface Area Per Metre m²
38.8 Surface Area Per Tonne m² 0.004 Surface Area Two End Faces m²



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