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Up and Coming Garden Trends for 2021

Gardener planting small tree

It goes without saying, many spent a lot more time in their homes in 2020. As a result, there was a national boom in home and garden improvement.

More than ever, our gardens became an extension of our living space. For many, gardening was a productive and therapeutic way to pass the time during periods of lockdown, furlough and self-isolation whilst enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort and safety of home. When restrictions were lifted, outdoor space took to the spotlight and became the heart of the home, where socially distanced catch-ups with our friends, family and loved ones could take place. It’s no surprise that the events of 2020 have shaped garden trends of 2021.

Whether you’re making plans to carry out a complete landscaping project in your garden, looking for a touch of inspiration or simply looking to get ahead of the curve on the latest and up and coming gardening trends of 2021, we have put together a list of what’s hot this year and a few innovative and cost-effective ideas on how to achieve your desired garden look.

The garden office

Working in the garden

Due to the pandemic, many continue to work from home. Many people are opting to build or transform their sheds, summerhouses, man-caves and she-sheds into their new office space, workshops or studio.

The working garden provides employees and business owners with the space they need to work or run their business distraction-free. It also offers the perfect balance between home and work when interior space or the household environment does not accommodate for home working. With many businesses now shifting towards full-time home working in 2021, we see this as a garden trend set to continue.

Garden offices, studios and workshops can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. From the basics such as a desk or workstation, through to more advanced features such as heating, electricity, insulation and WiFi, garden working spaces can be designed and made to suit your requirements.

Fixing cladding to your garden office or studio is a great way of blending the exterior design with your house, garden features and personal style. If you are looking to create a modern-looking garden office, you may opt for Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch cladding, whilst for a more traditional or rustic appearance, classic oak cladding offers a natural finish.

Garden to table

Planting veg in soil

There’s something quite wonderful about picking, cooking and eating fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in your own back garden. With more and more of us seeking sustainable and healthier living options, the grow-your-own trend is set to take off in 2021.

The beauty of a grow-your-own garden is that you don’t need to have an enormous garden space to get yourself set up with our very own home-allotment. It’s all about planting with the seasons, nurturing the soil and using all aspects of your garden.

Trellis can be used to support the growth of climbing fruits and veggies such as runner beans and tomatoes, whilst hanging baskets are ideal for growing strawberries and herbs. Raised beds made from sleepers offer the perfect spot for ground growers, such as courgettes, butternut squash and carrots, and using a weed membrane helps to keep pesky weeds at bay.


Compost heap in garden

Composting is on the rise and it’s a trend that is set to continue throughout 2021. As a nation, we are becoming more aware of our carbon footprint and the need to reduce the waste of food and resources. This has led to a surge in greener living, where many are making small everyday changes to pursue more efficient and sustainable means to live. The compost heap is a fantastic way to recycle food and garden waste thus reducing the quantity of waste going to landfill, whilst enhancing the fertility of your garden soil and offering plants the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow.

A homemade, DIY compost heap is an inexpensive option that can be made from old or leftover decking or cladding timber, pallets and even stock wire netting. When building your DIY compost heap, ensure the bottom of the bin sits directly on the soil. This provides insects and worms direct access to the compost heap and is key to creating rich and nourishing soil.

Bringing the indoors outdoors

Indoors outdoor grey garden

Image source: Rock My Style

The events of 2020 fuelled the growth of the ‘inside-outside’ trend, where the boundaries between interior decor and outdoor landscaping were merged. This trend is all about bringing soft furnishings, rugs, throws, cushions and mirrors into your outside space. There’s lots of freedom, flexibility and personalisation with this trend enabling a range of approaches to landscaping and gardening.

Some are opting to create a decked area, or raised deck area, with a decking handrail that can be accessorised with lights or climbing plants. Decking offers the perfect complement to soft furnishings, whilst creating a cosy living space in your garden. Artificial grass is also a popular, hassle-free and family-friendly alternative to grass that can be enjoyed all year round.

Others opt to extend their kitchen and dining space into the garden. And for somewhere to sit? A picnic bench or bench seating is the perfect way to enjoy alfresco dining and are ideal for hosting BBQ parties with family and friends.

A garden bench makes the perfect addition, or if you’re feeling handy, DIY seating areas can be made from sleepers, structural timber and even pallets and accessorised with cushions and throws.

Why not build a timber frame pergola over your outdoor dining table? With the addition of climbing plants and curtained sides, pergolas are the perfect way to add a touch of shade on those summer afternoons whilst hanging outdoor festoon lighting can make your outside dining area look just as impressive by night.

The balcony garden

Balcony garden

Just because you don’t have a back garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with 2021’s gardening trends. In fact, the balcony garden trend is in full swing and it’s all about using your space to its full potential, incorporating all floor and wall space and adding your own stamp.

Whilst in some circumstances, you can’t change some features of your balcony, such as your balcony railing, you can add your own twist. You may wish to add a picket fence rail, to which you can attach plant pots, growing plants and even paint, or perhaps hazel hurdles or chestnut pailing to create a more natural or rustic-looking balcony. Trellis is also a great way of enjoying plants and wildlife in a space-saving way whilst adding more depth and character to your balcony space. And, whilst it’s difficult to grow any form of grass on a balcony, artificial grass can be fitted to a balcony to provide a touch of greenery.

Raised beds

Raised flower beds made with sleepers

In the past year, gardeners up and down the country have been reaping the benefits of opting for raised beds.

Not only do they offer more soil control, enabling you to control the soil temperature and use different types of soil for different plants, vegetables and fruits in each bed, but they also improve drainage and allow for better access. With the garden zoning and grow-your-own trend set to continue, we expect that the raised bed will become a firm favourite in 2021.

Raised beds can take form in a range of shapes, sizes and heights. They can be made from a diverse range of materials including sawn treated timber, timber gravel boards and sleepers. Using stone aggregates and a weed membrane ensures good drainage whilst reducing weed growth.

Trending garden colours

Grey garden with furniture

Many garden colour trends are led by home interior colour trends. Grey and white are two of the most popular home colours at the moment, and with the indoors seeping into our outdoor spaces, we expect to see these colour themes becoming more prominent within our gardens throughout 2021.

Gardeners are choosing to paint or spray their fence panels and posts, sheds and cladding with white or grey paint. If you’re looking to save time on painting your fence, Durapost’s metal fence post and gravel board range is available in a section of greys and are ideal for those looking to add a splash of grey to their garden space.
Others are opting for grey artificial composite decking, such as Trex decking, to achieve their desired colour scheme. Popular plant choices for white gardens include white hydrangeas, daisies and clematis whilst those with grey gardens are planting lavender, bamboo plants and the silver bush.

Others are opting for grey artificial composite decking, such as Trex decking, to achieve their desired colour scheme. Popular plant choices for white gardens include white hydrangeas, daisies and clematis whilst those with grey gardens are planting lavender, bamboo plants and the silver bush.

Vertical growing

Trellis and planter in garden

Image source: The Garden Glove

Where garden space is limited, vertical growing provides a space-saving solution that gives more freedom to incorporate all of your favourite plants, flowers, fruits and veggies. But it’s not just gardeners with smaller outdoor spaces that are embracing the vertical garden trend. Vertical growing has become increasingly popular for its ability to add depth and character and break up a garden space. It’s certainly a growing trend that will follow through to 2021.

Plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables can be grown vertically in a range of ways. One of the most popular choices is using trellis, fixed to a fence or wall. Archers, arbours as well as pergolas are also a great way of growing plants vertically in a freestanding position. Climbing plants that are expected to take to the spotlight in 2021 include wisteria, roses and clematis. For potted plants, some gardeners have taken the shelving approach, building timber shelves, fixed between fence posts, to achieve the vertical look.

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