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Easy ideas for creating a low-maintenance garden

Just because you have a garden, it doesn’t mean that you have the time or interest in looking after it. Whilst some love getting outdoors to tend to plants and flowers or take on a creative DIY project, there are others, who just aren’t really that fussed. And that’s ok!

low maintenance garden design

Let’s be honest, between the weeding, watering, mowing, cleaning and various other garden maintenance activities, gardens require a fair bit of time and attention throughout the year.

It can often feel like a never-ending battle, particularly for those who don’t enjoy gardening or are limited on what they can do in their garden.

Just because garden maintenance is not for you, it’s by no means to say that you can’t have a beautiful garden. With a little bit of planning, you can create a low-maintenance garden that will look great with minimal upkeep.

We’ve got some great, low-maintenance garden design ideas you may want to consider.

Easy care, low maintenance plants

Pretty plants and flourishing florals really are wonderful natural garden features to enjoy, however, some require a lot more care and maintenance than others.

Feel-good unfussy florals

purple garden flowers

If you still want to enjoy the scent and sight of plants in your garden, but rather avoid everyday or frequent planting, pruning and watering, then why not plant a few of these easy-care perennials?

Salvias, a bright purple flowering plant, achillea, an elegant plat with frilly leaves and echinacea, which looks like a purple daisy are all great choices that don’t require huge amounts of weeding or cutting back.

Other hardy, yet beautiful plants include Geraniums and Hydrangeas as well as Daffodils, which pop back to say hello yearly, without any help at all.

Easy-growing wildflowers

wildflowers in gardenLet nature do the work and give something back to the local ecosystem by opting for a wild garden.

Wildflower seeds are spread onto roundabouts and public gardens for a reason, and that’s because year on year, they do their own thing without needing too much time and attention.

What’s more, wildlife love these natural beauties which offer a safe and fruitful home throughout the seasons.

Sit back and enjoy an eclectic mix of beautiful wildflower florals and greenery whilst creating an inviting home for bees, birds and butterflies.

So what wildflowers should you plant?

Here are a few ideas:

Wild Blue Flax – a dainty light purple flower that grows well alongside other perennials

Pyramidal orchid – a purple pink that loves to grow in alkaline grassland

Cow parsley – blooming in May, this is a delicate-looking white flower

Daisy – a sign of summer, daisies will return year on year

Bluebells – spending most of the year in the ground, the bluebell springs into bloom from April

Cuckoo flower – this easy-growing, pretty pink flower is the perfect addition to any garden

Cornflower – a tall, characterful flower commonly grown in fields

Chicory – this is a late summer bloomer is shows off stunning light blue tones

Poppies – a bold and bright floral that spring into bloom from late August to September

The best place to grow low-maintenance flowers

raised sleeper beds

To give these easy-growers the best chance to live and grow independently, create a beautiful
growing space using sleepers.

With a raised sleeper bed, you’ll have a lot more control over the soil composition and drainage, meaning you can create the ideal growing environment for your flowers.

What’s more, not only will a raised sleeper bed create a contained growing space, but they are also a fantastic-looking, low-maintenance landscape feature.

Sleepers are heavy-duty, hardwearing yet characterful pieces of timber that don’t require lots of care and attention, so this really is a low-maintenance win-win!

Fuss-free floor space

Lawns are great, but they need mowing. Paving slabs are also great, but they need weeding. So what is another alternative, low-maintenance garden surface option?

Shingle all the way

low maintenance shingle garden

Gravel or shingle could just be the answer for you.

Easy to keep clean, self-draining and low maintenance, this is a superb alternative option to consider.

Once laid correctly, there’s not really much else to do. The important thing is to create a foundation that pesky weeds cant spring through.

To do that, clear the ground and use a quality weed membrane. That way, there won’t be any cheeky buds sneaking up for sunlight which means no weeds, and no weeding!

Do less with a deck


Every deck needs some level of maintenance – after all, it is a natural timber product. But you most certainly shouldn’t discount decking if you’re creating a lower-maintenance garden landscape.

Hardwood decking lends itself to being just that little hardier. Every now and then, you might need to sweep your deck and every 2 years a clean and fresh lick of stain or treatment is definitely well worth it, but this is a great low-maintenance option.

But if you’re looking for a decking solution that requires little to no upkeep, Trex decking is your answer. As a composite made from 95% recycled material it doesn’t need staining, sanding or painting. A brush and light clean will do the job to keep your Trex deck looking fantastic all year round.

Hardy fencing options

Our fences have to take on a lot. They’re often subject to windy days, rainy days, ice, snow and extreme heat, not to mention the odd encounter with a football.

There’s no denying, that they need to be maintained from time to time to keep them strong, secure and looking great. But there is one thing you can do to make life a little easier.

Concrete or DuraPost fence posts

fence with concrete fence posts

While timber fence posts are a fantastic choice for some, they don’t have the longer-term resistant properties of some other fence post options, particularly if they aren’t looked after.

So, for a low-maintenance, long-lasting fence post option, you should consider concrete or DuraPost.

Both are hardwearing wood fence post alternatives that don’t require as much TLC.

Gain greater fence protection with gravel boards

The bottom of a fence is often the most vulnerable to ground-level moisture. To add some extra protection and prevent rotting from the bottom up, be sure to fit gravel boards at the bottom of your fence.

These can be changed far more easily than entire fence panels or boards, which in the long run will save time and money.

Easy garden storage


When it comes to garden furniture pieces, tools, toys and BBQs that don’t need to live outdoors all year round, it can often feel like ‘faff’ lugging such items in and out of the garage, house or even loft.

Make life easier for yourself by creating easy-access garden storage that makes the summer pack-down and spring spruce-up far more enjoyable.

A shed is a perfect place to put all of these household and garden items, providing easy access without too much hassle.

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